Calendar from Mount Washington Observatory

The next time we turn the page of the calendar (do you still have a wall calendar? I love them.) we will be at July 1, mid-year.  A nice point to look back over the past 6 months to savor wins and to consider what we might take from all the non-wins.  The less than ideal moments.  The times things fell short of our expectations.  The opportunities we were given to learn and grow.

Opportunities to grow, as almost every guru will tell you, often present themselves as obstacles to our best laid plans.  Or even as obstacles to the plans we dare not make.

One way I like to work with people is by helping them to identify these obstacles.  Many of the women I’m working with right now are creatives who want to take some next step that eludes them in spite of engaging with business coaches, social media leaders, and the guy in the hardware store who provides inspiration by telling them their idea will never work.  Having the information on how to proceed is not enough if something inside you is blocking your path.

This is the perfect time to identify what is really in your way, to be generous with yourself in identifying strategies to remove whatever is between you and your dreams.  I can help.  Grab the free PDF offered on the pop-up and use it to begin.  Then come back and schedule a 30-minute call with me to explore how I can help you remove obstacles and move forward over the last six months of this year.

Looking forward to seeing your name on my schedule.