Meet Susan Barber Skinner

I am a curious woman. My curiosity drives me to explore, listen, and create. Years ago I consecrated my life to peace and have found that I am at peace when helping others.

I have created Hope Springs as a workshop for those who want to live with intention and embrace a future filled with hope.


Why Work With Me?

I’m a lifelong learner. I hold a Ph.D. in health psychology, my primary research interest is sleep behavior. I have a Masters Degree in clinical mental health counseling, with 15 years of clinical experience and am a National Certified Counselor.

My drive to learn is strong, I read scholarly literature, I conduct research, and I keep an eye on emerging practices.

Together we can work to find what makes you hopeful, embrace that hope, and act on it in a way that fosters healing and growth.

Hope Springs exists in the place where clinical counseling skills meet jars of paint, sharpened pencils, and hand-dyed fiber.

I work with people who are struggling with specific issues, others want to find some clarity, and still, others want to learn how to upcycle furniture.

All are welcome, I invite you work with me to create a space where you can find your own brand of hope!

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